The Bespoke Office

The process of developing creative office is evolving, and instead of delivering a one-size-fits-all solution, Harbor collaborates with tenants to deliver unique buildings that relate to their brand identity and work-style through color and graphics, signage, and customizable amenity spaces.  Your talent spends the majority of their lives at work.  Why not make it fun and inviting?  Choose from a variety of amenities such as electric vehicle charging stations and outdoor decks for meeting or lounging.

Harbor Associates Team

Our Expertise

  • Design

    Design the exterior of the building to match your brand colors.  Choose from a variety of amenities.

  • Customer Service

    Work however you like, and we will just make sure that you have everything you need to flourish.

  • Architecture

    We provide the flexible infrastructure and give you creative discretion to design something awesome.

  • Culture

    Your office is a core component of your brand, and we will ensure the workspace reflects your culture.

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